Making communications secure using advanced, quantum technology

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Data On ACiD

DATA ON A.C.I.D.™ LLC provides privacy assurance products and services used to protect valuable data, voice and video communications. The company uses advanced quantum concepts to produce key used to encrypt, decrypt, and secure user information and identity with the click of a single button, through a complex series of checks and balances. 

About Us

Encryption Solution

A.C.I.D. ™ (a covert Identity) secures data, whether at rest and data in transit, through the practical use of encryption keys generated by a quantum random number generator.   

Customers maintain sole possession of data at all times.

Secure Encryption

Data and encryption keys are never stored together and are generated by a quantum random number generator. The user does not have access to keys, so they cannot be stolen..

Absolute Security

The application cannot be reverse engineered to compromise the system architecture, due to the nature of A.C.I.D.’s patented means for deploying advanced authentication and key management over a privatized distributed computing network of networks.



In the Internet of Things, A.C.I.D.™ alone provides individuals, businesses and organizations with the ability to secure data at rest or in transit from a single file, to a drive, to a data center. This unique product protects your identity and data without ever taking possession or control of your data. 

The straight forward and intuitive design makes the product easy to use for both for individuals and business professionals alike, regardless of technical aptitude or knowledge of security products. 


A.C.I.D.™ uses a quantum random number generator to produce a random key, which  replaces the digital identity for any user or device with A.C.I.D. ™ (a covert Identity), making it covert. Thus leaving no digital fingerprints to follow.

The A.C.I.D.™ key management system is of sufficient complexity and size that it can be used to create, if hardware were created to support it, an infinite number of one time use keys for securing identities, devices and data, whether in transit or at rest. 

Standard protocols are used to verify and validate the authentication of the user, the device, the data, and its path. This is monitored through a proprietary system of checks and balances through A.C.I.D.’s • privatized distributed computing network of networks

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